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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Psycho Kills People, Story At Eleven

The media continues to be surprised that a psychotic killer liked violent media and surely there are some out there that will try to prove that games made him kill.

All I know is this: every picture I've seen of this guy has him weilding some huge knife or gun. Every picture he is giving the camera a look like the lens is going to get it. He complained that violent video games weren't violent enough for him. He adored the likes of the Columbine killers and Devin Moore.

Now if someone could show me the pre-GTA picture of him dressed in a button down shirt and carrying a backpack of books with a big smile on his face - maybe I could buy that video games warped him. Until I see such a transformation - I'll go with the obvious conclusion that he's just a complete nutjob.

Remember, Devin Moore was a "someone who loved trouble, stealing cars and dabbling in drugs", according to his own father. Not some straight-A student who suddenly fell into a den of evil video games. None of these examples - not Columbine, not Devin and not Gill - have any indication that either the people involved were anything but unbalanced regardless of the kind of media they enjoyed.

Focusing on these extreme sensationalistic cases isn't good for either side. It demonizes gamers and drowns out the legitimate science. There are studies that video games can be inappropriate for children ... either because of content or quantity. However by trying to make a good parenting issue into a mental health or crime prevention one ... everyone loses out.

Course, I keep saying this over and over. The media could care less, though, because they're out for the sensational story. Politicians could care less because they just want to look like they care about the children. Jack Thompson could care less because he's insane.

So parents - it still looks like you're on your own.

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