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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

HD-DVD V. Blu-Ray: Round 32

While discussing's Universal's recent line in the sand, BetaNews took them up on their offer to "read the blogs" to see just how well the war was going:

In Home Theater Forum, attendees of CEDIA Expo report seeing the latest Blu-ray demonstrations from Sony and others as equaling, if not yet exceeding, HD DVD quality.

Early in the game, Blu-ray supporters including Sony touted its 1080p (progressive) scan capability early on as inherently superior to 1080i (interlaced), while HD DVD supporters including Toshiba responded by saying that interlacing the disc encoding would not affect the quality of the picture in any appreciable fashion. Many, though not all, of the first reviews from video experts would seem to validate Toshiba's view.

But then on Thursday, Toshiba became the first manufacturer to announce the second wave of high-definition players. Showing the first new models behind glass at CEDIA Expo, Toshiba said the HD-A2 and HD-XA2 will feature 1080p resolution, calling it "the highest HD signal currently available." So if Sony had an advantage there for awhile, there it went.

The HD-XA2 will also support the new 1.3 specification for HDMI, the high-definition interconnect standard. This standard enables higher bandwidth connections for lossless audio codecs, plus support for newer video compression schemes. Learning this news, a few HD-XA1 and HD-A1 owners, who are also members of the AV Science Forum, reported feeling "screwed out" of new features that may not be coming their way as upgrades.
-- Universal Studios Unlikely to Ever Support Blu-ray

So it sounds fairly razor thin. Will the current high def formats be the next laserdisc?

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