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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Line For A Wii? Better Be-Wii-ve it.

There’s going to be more stock of Nintendo Wii than the company has ever had for a console, and yet Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton still acknowledges that there will “most definitely” be shortages. You might want to go pre-order a Wii before you finish reading this.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer as reported by, the Nintendo exec was surprisingly candid.
“We’ve sold close to six million units of DS hardware since launch and four million Nintendogs, so Europe is a very important market for our company and growing,” said Yarnton.

“[With Wii] we’re looking at about four million units before the end of the year globally and Europe will get a reasonable proportion of that,” he continued.

“The stock that we’re looking to get we believe will probably be more than we’ve ever had for any console launch. But from the feedback we’ve had from our retailers, whatever we have won’t be enough as the demand from people is really heating up for it.”
-- Yarnton On Nintendo Wii Shortages: ‘Most Definitely’

Now I think that's talking specifically about the European launch ... but I wouldn't expect any more from the other launches. I suspect they'll be in more supply than the PlayStation 3, but that might be small comfort.

And no, I will not tire of wii-puns.

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