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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Found via Plexav:

FrOZ is a text adventure engine based on current technology from computational linguistics and theorem proving. It uses real natural language processing techniques to analyse the user's input and generate the system's output, and accesses a description logic knowledge base with a theorem prover.

FrOZ was conceived by Malte Gabsdil, Alexander Koller, and Kristina Striegnitz in 2001, and then implemented by a number of students of computational linguistics in Saarbr├╝cken under their supervision. The system had been laying dormant, until a surge of public interest (i.e. three or four different people who wanted to try the system out) in 2004 made us clean up the distribution and create a website for it. That's what you're looking at right now.
-- FrOZ

Plexav mentions that it aims to "to incorporate a task planner into the engine, freeing the Player from having to detail well-known processes. The planner will fill in any conditions that must be met (i.e. standing up before running, opening mouth before drinking, etc.) thus making for a more naturally flowing adventure experience. "

Which makes me think that for being generally task driven narratives, many IF engines focus on a dialogue model (be it between the player and the parser or the player and NPC's via the parser). Is a command line a proper model for handling tasks or are there other computing models we could draw on?

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