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Friday, September 22, 2006

MTV Goes Behind The Counter a video game store:

Whitman has manned the counter at Bandit Video Games in Sicklerville, New Jersey, for five years. Post has worked weekends for one year. During their time there, they've seen eccentric characters and learned just how well game ratings really work. They know which games you can't sell the average customer no matter how hard you try. They've heard the buzz about this year's PS3 and Wii consoles and know which one their customers significantly care more about.
Post has taken note of how many women have come into the shop looking for games in his past year. That number would be two. And the number of people who come in with birds on their shoulder? That's one.

Earlier this year, Post and Whitman convinced their boss and owner of Bandit Video, as the guys in the shop call it, to start sharing some of this information on the Internet. They launched a blog called "A Day in the Life of Video Games" (, the rare spot where gamers can find out what people on the other side of the counter think of them and the stuff they pay to play
What's It Like Behind The Counter At A Video Game Store? These Bloggers Tell All

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