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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why Standard Def Users Should Avoid The 360

That image was liberally lifted from Joystiq, which reports that Capcom tells SDTV users to suck it if they're concerned about not reading text on the screen while playing Dead Rising for the 360.

Here's the thing. Microsoft can obviously make requirements for the development of 360 games ... but the default developer resolution is 720p. So any developer who makes a Dead Rising style error is under no obligation to fix it. SDTV owners should avoid the 360 for the simple reason that it isn't designed for SDTV. It's an HDTV friendly device.

I've got no idea if Sony will have any different policy - but I'd actually doubt it. Their high price tag is clearly aimed at the technocentric early adopter who probably is considering a second HDTV unit by now. Nintendo will be SDTV friendly and let HDTV owners deal just like they already do with most broadcasts out there.

Of course, this kinda collides with the whole XNA hobbyist thing. Basically, the 360 could make for a great amatuer dev social outlet ... provided that dev is pimped out HD style. Which, according to some, will only be about 1 in 4 households by the end of 2006.

Thanks goes to These Damned Machines with this insightful rant on what does and doesn't drive gamers crazy which lead me to actually read that article.

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