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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Oh Veronica

We just made our way through the first four episodes of Veronica Mars. I'm quite glad to find out that the show has it's third season since we have this tendency to find shows we really like that barely last through one season (many of them BBC shows, oddly: Green Wing, Strange, etc.).

The show is downright brilliant. The acting is very good and the writing is excellent. Every character feels distinct and in-depth. The plots are not only intelligent but surprisingly mature. When the main character is the school pariah in part because her dad accused her best friend's father of her best friend's death - ruining her relationship with her boyfriend (best friend's brother) - and she got a reputation for being loose after being rufeed at a party ... it's the kind of thing that could be cherry flavor Aaron Spelling'd 90210 (with the mandatory directing of every character perfectly in frame) or it could be somewhat dark and twisted.

And Mars is definately not 90210. Which, actually, is one thing they could have done a better job of advertising when the show premeired. Kid detective on LA beaches sounded wildly corny to me at the time. The show really defies that expectation by remaining edgy and at times a bit harsh. It lets all of the grit come into every scene.

So, thanks to all who recommended it. It fits somewhere above early Buffy and below Sports Night in terms of favorites for writing.

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1 comment:

Thomas said...

I guess Season 2 came out today. Belle and I are re-watching it now. Good stuff.