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Friday, August 25, 2006

Why Not PSO For The DS?

I've mentioned this very idea before, but Video Game Theory goes into much more detail as to why Phantasy Star Online simply makes sense for the Nintendo DS:

The point of this article, aside from the history lesson, is that PSO is a very popular game. Still is, even today. But there are certain aspects of the game, certain quirks even, that would make the prospect of a portable version of PSO a very attractive offering. Which portable? Why, my friends, the DS. But of course. No, it’s not fanboyism. Logic. See, inventory management is a rather big part of the whole experience in PSO, what with having to use Monomates to heal yourself, or Monofluids to regain magic points, or changing out your armor or weapons on the fly, during the battle, well, you see a lot of the inventory screen. A lot. As in, it takes up a good third of the television screen. And of course, given the nature of the online functionality, you cannot pause the game to manage said inventory.

I say this with the utmost respect to developers, but I have never thought of a greater use for the second screen than as an inventory screen for Phantasy Star Online, if only because it would be so damn useful! Being able to glance down to the bottom screen to see one’s experience points, or how much is left to level up, how much Meseta one has currently, or to swap weapons or use a technique not equipped to one of the face buttons, or to feed one’s Mag for heaven’s sake; these are very attractive options for ANY regular PSO player, and probably even for the casual players. Having the inventory screen use additional touch-screen controls would make it that much simpler.
-- A Small Phantasy

Spot on and a great read.

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