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Monday, August 21, 2006

Cat Game Challenge

Something a bit different this weekend. Let's pretend you're a designer at a small game company. The word has come down: the company has been talking to a cat-themed website and they want you to come up with some brief design treatments for cat-themed games. The games should be "casual", and generally cat-positive. What kind of games would you suggest?
-- Psychochild’s Blog

My idea: Cat Friendly. Given specific parameters for a cat (size, weight, jumping ability) ... construct a path from a start point to an end point consisting only of objects/furniture available for the room. For instance, a 2D interface which shows the side view of a room - cat has to be able to get from floor to window. 3D might be more compelling, depends on the system reqs and demographic (would complicate the UI). The puzzle would be scored by the time to success. Bigger, heavier cats would require more furniture to aid them in the path (not able to jump as far, etc.). Bonus points could be given for using less furniture, shortest route, least property damage, etc.

See Corvus' ideas as well (from which I stumbled onto the challenge).

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