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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Idol Master Review

insert credit is featuring this great review of Idol Master, a Japanese game of managing a pop star, which is almost hauntingly personal:

An Audition takes up most of the day. This is where your Image balance gets tested; the merciless ice bitches running the audition are merciless ice bitches, and they're not going to be swayed easily by the campy visual aesthetics of a set of bunny ears. Your idol goes out there and sings her song and does her thing, and you have the opportunity to bring up the Image categories in the meantime by tapping buttons. There are only the barest wisps of timing strategy here; it pretty much comes down to how much training you've put in.

Except, of course, when it doesn't. A good relationship with your idol can put you over the top; you can spend the good Memories you earn in the Communication phase of the game to start a brief slot-machine timing exercise, which can give you a nudge over your competition.

If you get called at the end of the Audition, it's off to the TV studio. Your idol is ecstatic; the fans pour in, the rank goes up, and you've done it all together. You mark the moment with a brand-new picture for your Idol Card.

If you don't get called . . . she's crushed.

You don't get to bomb too many auditions.
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