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Monday, August 21, 2006

We Move: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The deed is done. Our address is officially changed.

The Good: We're remarkably ahead of the curve when it comes to organizing and unpacking, thanks largely to much assistance from both friends and family. We finally got a firm sheet of wood for the platform bed, which is much welcome after days of packing, hauling and unpacking.

The cats have now been rescued from the old place (which was beginning to resemble a feline flophouse) and they're so great with the new place it's completely insane. There even seems to be new peace amongst them as my cranky old white cat (arthritic with an attitude problem) crashed out with one of The Girl's cats on the oversized ottoman last night - an event unheard of at the old place.

And in general - the place is great. Much more room than we had before, great location, and nice old woodwork. Also, basic cable has like twice as many channels as the last time I had it.

The Bad: My reciever won't fit into the new media center/stand/buffet table that we got. This has at least temporarily resolved an age old debate about how much hifi equipment I get to shove into the living room (now it would be none). Thankfully the living room has amazing acoustics so it's not that bad.

Our front hall closet shelf was apparently built upon the idea that drywall can hold anything. Sadly, that's not true. After repeated attempts, we're still shelfless. A stud finder and some hefty screws might solve the issue, or we might have to get a floor standing rod.

The Ugly: When the movers pulled into the driveway (which I had tried to talk them out of doing), they hit and bent the condo gate - making it unable to reclose. Not really the first impression we were going for with our new neighbors and management. Not to mention blocking the drive for a few hours. We're waiting to hear back from the condo board to see how annoyed they are with us. Thankfully the common opinion is that it's fairly easy to fix (with the right tools) and won't require a replacement ... and the movers are insured.

Also, we think they broke one of our chairs and just neglected to tell us about it. The Girl isn't too peeved about this, so I'm OK with it (we'll get a replacement from her ma) ... but it's just icing on the cake with these guys. If anyone in Chicago was thinking of using Jay's Movers ... I would think again.

So all in all - pretty mixed weeked. It was feeling like the bad was outweighing the good until last night when it really felt like we were living there. Then it really started to seem like all the pain was worth it.

And by pain, I mean real actual pain. I ache like never before. Course, my arms are also completely ripped right now. A shame one week of coffee and donuts will return me to my bloated state.

No internet at home now and I'll probably be too sleepy to blog much this week anyway.


Troy Goodfellow said...

Moving is the worst. You're lucky that more stuff wasn't broken or lost.

Josh said...

That's completely true. We were honestly pretty freaked by the end of Saturday, but now I'm just glad it's over and that we're mostly settled into our new condo ... which completely kicks our old apartment's ass.