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Thursday, August 03, 2006

TransGaming's Cider: Windows Games For OS X

TransGaming, which several years ago dipped its toes in the Mac game market with conversions from leading Mac game publishers, is taking another step into the Mac market, this time adopting their Cedega technology for Linux to run on Intel-based Macs. The result is a forthcoming series of games from PC game publishers that TransGaming’s CEO Vikas Gupta calls a “transparent” experience for Mac gamers.

“Cider games will run as if they were made for Mac OS X,” Gupta told Macworld in a recent interview.
-- 'Cider' makes Windows games run on Intel Macs

That's pretty nifty news. I will take great delight in someday running a "Game For Windows" on my Mac.

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Unknown said...

TransGaming are not my favorite company. See here. From the punch line: "That's too few games supported under Linux, too many games ported to MacOS X, and too little code given back to the community. To be perfectly frank, I'm not sure that TransGaming has done enough good for the Linux gaming world to deserve any more of our money."

A friend also wrote this article, which was posted to cg later.

Sure, TransGaming were within the rights of the (original) WINE license to do what they did, but they've never played nice with the Free Software community the promise they made to subscribers (the whole "street performer protocol") was just a scummy ploy.

Josh said...

All completely accurate and I'm not sure any kind of port system, no matter how convenient it is, is what OS X gaming really needs ... and it follows all the same threads as people have talked about with Linux.

I'm still of the opinion that Apple needs to take the lead and start a game studio specifically to create games. Right now they're heavily relying on an underequipped indie community, many of whom see OS X as more of a distraction than anything else compared to the enormous Windows market.