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Friday, August 04, 2006

External Video Cards?

Much of the geek world is drooling over Nvidia's monster video .... block, which cases a massive amount of power in a big external chassis. Alice Hill thinks we might see more of this:

It was inevitable. Plus, all the cool kids are getting them. Ok, so $17,500 is not a number we plan on settling on. And you still need to open the case. But consider this your first glimpse at a real hardware trend. I’ll predict that external boards in a more affordable range will start hitting store shelves by 2008.
-- Trend Alert: The External Graphics Card

I gotta say I kinda doubt it. I mean, the Quadro Plex is so much hardware it couldn't be internal ... but otherwise I wouldn't be surpised if someone wanted it that way. Video graphics rely so much on speed that I'm more suprised we haven't seen more Amiga style computers which jam the GPU right next to the CPU. Well, not really considering the speed of AGP and PCI-E slots ... but who is going to throttle down their graphics processing to the speed of a USB cable?

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