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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

LARPing Meets Reality TV

The Girl and I watched "Who Wants To Be A Superhero" last night (spoilers cometh on who gets kicked in the first episode). In general, I hate reality television because it's basically just watching some producers mess with people for a few hours, edited down to the most frightening bits. WWTBAS isn't much better - but it's got to be the biggest public display of live action role-playing ever put to broadcast.

In fact, role-playing could make or break someone on this show. Take the already eliminated Levity, who made the mistake of admitting that he made custom action figures and wanted to use the show to make a line for himself. If he had just stayed in character - he'd still be in the show. Zero G got eliminated in part because he didn't ham up the "get in your costume like Clark Kent" part of his task.

Because of this. my money is on Monkey Woman, whose "secret identity" (AKA their real personage) is listed as being an investor ... but she's actually an aspiring actress. Girl is going to keep to the script no matter what.

Edit: On second thought, it's probably Fat Momma to win. I mean ... she is Fat Momma. No role-playing required. Plus, she's fearless, tough and has a heart of gold.

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