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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dev Night Diary

Last night was weird. By any tangible evidence it was a complete failure. After following a few tutorials, I succeeded in merely getting an OS X application which would open some random window named, well, "Window". No triangles or anything would show up and I couldn't even seem to get the size of the window to change. Nothing that I had thought I had coded worked. At all.

And yet - I came away with a pretty decent stock. I'm more familiar with XCode and setting up projects - a bit of a nuisance before since I was dealing with prefabbed projects. I get the general gist of setting up and initializing a GLUT display and a primer on how it deals with generating things like triangles, etc. In short, I don't really know how to draw terribly well but I've got a basic idea of how to setup a canvas and how it works.

I even know why it failed ... or at least I'm pretty sure. One of the tutorials had me start the project as a Cocoa application - Apple's Objective C language. Cocoa uses a totally different entry point than the C I was writing and hence ... none of my code was even being run. It would compile ... just not run.

So for a dry run it was a flop ... but as a training exercise it wasn't so bad.

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