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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Microsoft's "Renaissance" ... Just Branding?

Games for Windows: the Official Magazine will incorporate much of Computer Gaming World's best-of-class editorial style and tone, while broadening its reach, influence and editorial content to complement the coming renaissance in gaming on Windows PCs. To ensure clear market leadership position, upon the launch of Games for Windows: the Official Magazine, Ziff Davis will no longer publish Computer Gaming World. The new magazine and web initiative will carry on the editorial, production and art staff of Computer Gaming World.
-- Goodbye Computer Gaming World, hello Games for Windows magazine

I can't tell you how unimpressed I am with Microsoft's latest efforts to revive Windows as a gaming platform. A sticker, a website and a new logo isn't going to help ... even if you manage to shove all three down a major print magazine. In the meantime, they'll also be trying to hook as many titles into being Vista exclusive as they possibly can ... and I already know the CheapBox would choke on that beast of an OS.

So what, I'll run out and spend a grand or more on a computer that can keep up with the "renaissance" ... or a few hundred to get a new console? I mean, what will telling everyone that there are games for Windows actually do for games on Windows? What we need is better titles that don't require a $500 graphics cards and less lousy console ports.

But I can see where "Games That Don't Need A $500 Card And Less Lousy Console Ports" takes a lot more room than "Games For Windows". Perhaps if they used a smaller font...

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