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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Your MMO Style Family Vacation

Alice Hill has a bit about MagiQuest ... the family vacation mashed up with EverCrack:

How it works: Instead of giving your kids some dollars for the hotel video arcade, you take them to MagiQuest and the whole family must participate in problem solving, duels, magic spells, and so on. Worse for your wallet is the MagiQuest Marketplace shop where you must first buy and customize your wand - the more features the greater powers and tricks it does. The shop is where you also adorn your kids in capes and hats, and basically get fleeced like you do at Disneyland or any other place that caters to parents trying to entertain their families once a year. Ca-ching.
-- SPECIAL REPORT: MagiQuest’s Family Vacation Inside a Video Game

I can't tell you how many tourist traps The Brother and I got my parents to try. There were was one that I don't think we could try because it was closed, but it essentially a giant version of rooms to make you feel small. Probably a couple hundred dollars worth of plywood and paint, but it sure looked cool at the time.

This? This has magic spells. This we would have begged hard, puppy dog eyes and all. Damn I'm glad I don't have kids sometimes.

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