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Thursday, July 20, 2006

More Spore For You

Next Gen, a la Business Week, gets a little more hands on with SimMicrobiology ... AKA Spore:

Next Generation had a unique chance to get some hands-on Spore action, so we can offer some insight. A note of caution is required, however. Thanks to careful planning that ensured that the game’s most innovative aspects, such as the procedural animation engine and the super-friendly editors, have been in design and prototyping for years, all the building blocks of the game are now functional. Even so, it is clearly going to take Maxis at least a year to stitch all the elements into a coherent whole. But it is already fun to play.
-- Spore Lives Up to the Hype

There's scant new details, though, just a few new bits about reproduction, space travel and terraforming. The hype on this game is reach astronomical levels. Wright's clearly a solid leader for such projects ... but I certainly hope they remember how brutal gamer culture can be on titles which don't walk the walk.

Still, having now wasted hours in front of Sims 2 ... I'm certainly hoping that it does.

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