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Friday, July 21, 2006

ABC Family To Produce ARG

Hot in pursuit of the internet audience, ABC's sister network, ABC Family, has announced their plans for an alternate reality game based on their upcoming television show, Fallen. Announced today in a press release found on SciFi Wire, the game is set to launch following the 2-hour premire on July 23rd. Spearheading the project is Matt Wolf, designer of games for other media features, including The Bourne Identity.
-- ARGN: ABC Family Announces Upcoming ARG

Via's Wonderland's links. Are ARG's simply the ultimate form of advergaming at this point? Can the genre ever move more towards the mainstream? The last one I played was Jamie Kane, a far cry from my ilovebees obsession ... but not at all an unwelcome one. I'd love to see more accessible designs for the casual player.

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Jenya said...
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Josh said...

C'mon, Jenya - if you're going to advertise pron on my blog, at least have the courtesy to attach it to the picture of a half-naked girl and not a post about a family-friendly ARG.

Common sense, really.