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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dark Castle Cell Phone Game

Originally developed for the Macintosh in 1986 by Silicon Beach Software, Dark Castle was one of the early Mac platform’s biggest gaming hits. The platform action game put you in the role of a young hero named Prince Duncan who must make his way through a haunted castle to confront the evil Black Knight. Duncan squared off against bats, birds, walking suits of armor, and monsters galore, armed with little more than a sack of rocks.

The original Mac game featured bit-mapped black and white graphics that may seem primitive by today’s standards, but at the time were very cutting-edge. Another thing that made Dark Castle stand out from the pack was its use of sampled audio files for the sound effects. Dark Castle was ultimately ported to several other platforms, and spawned sequels as well. Delta Tao claims the current incarnation as its own, although the game has been in development for years on end.
-- Dark Castle game resurrected for cell phones

My carrier doesn't seem to offer it ... drat. That and the Doom RPG not being available for my phone helps explain why I think the mobile game market is widly overblown.

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