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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Clive Barker To Return To Games

Now after a long sabbatical, Barker’s back with Clive Barker’s Jericho, a game that’s all set to scare the crap out of gamers when it releases in 2007 for the PC and next gen consoles. The game will follow the exploits of a team of a special-forces team as they strive to uncover the mystery behind a place called Jericho, the humble abode of evil itself.
-- Moneycontrol Tech Blog > Clive Barker Working on a New Game

I loved Undying, although I sadly never got around to finishing it. It's easily one of those titles that should have been examined harder and cloned for later entertainment. Fear is really hard in games. Heck, fear is hard period. It's not a rational reaction - so you reallly have to trick the audience into being scared. Most games do this by having something jump out of a box or the shadows ... but Barker employed a lot of ambience in his game to make it spooky, so it's great to see him around for this generation of games.

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Winkyboy said...

I never finished Undying, either - I do NOT understand why, because it's VERY worthy and IS scary, which I love in games...

Josh said...

I struggle for an excuse. I got it used and I had plenty of time, iirc. It didn't really slow down ... if anything the game just gets better and better as you play on.

I wish it had been more popular so that it could have gotten a decent PS2 port or something. I have a handful of titles like Quake on the N64, XCom on the PS1 and Half-Life on the PS2 which are almost exclusively for preservation purposes.

Unknown said...

The first game that ever scared the crap out of me was Doom, the second level, with that hallway were you go around the corner and the lights go out except for that one flickering one. You hear a door open, and then see the demons coming toward you through this strobe light effect.

I don't think any game has startled me like that.

Josh said...

I still remember that clearly.

Maybe that's one reason why I still liked Doom 3...