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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Microsoft Registers

Feeding more into the mumblevine that the Xpod-boy-thing is actually named Zune and will be roped into the Windows Live fervor:

However, ZuneNation has been investigating and we have verified that is real and it is coming soon. Looking through old WhoIs records, we found that Microsoft's and were both originally registered by this same guy, Jack Spurr.
-- - Zune and Confirmed!

Ironically, Zune is also the name of a Amiga OS GUI toolkit.

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Thomas said...

What the hell is a "zune?" Where do they get these names anyway?

Josh said...

I have no idea ... trying to find out is how I discovered the Amiga factoid (after my time, I had never heard of it).

I had thought of posting a snarky "it's latin for 'catch-up product with a fancier name than feature set'" ... but I wasn't sure it was polite.