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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Game Informer's Top 10 Handheld Games

The editors of Game Informer magazine rank the top 10 hand-held games (for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP):

1 "New Super Mario Bros." (DS)
2 "Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror" (PSP)
3 "Tetris DS"
4 "Daxter" (PSP)
5 "Brain Age" (DS)
6 "Metroid Prime: Hunters" (DS)
7 "Tomb Raider: Legend" (PSP)
8 "Mega Man Powered Up" (PSP)
9 "Capcom Classics Remixed" (PSP)
10 "Gradius Collection" (PSP)
-- Game Informer Top 10

PSP actually has one more title than the DS. Common wisdom these days is that Sony can do no right and therefore should have zero games in the lineup. Is the so-called derth of decent PSP titles justified or is Game Informer getting checks signed by Kutaragi? If they are, can they please tell me how to sign up? These blog ads aren't doing anything for my impending mortgage.

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Andy said...

Hmm, well I can't comment on the PSP games individually although I would say that I'd rather see handheld exclusives on a list like this - which would discount Tomb Raider at least. How on earth can't Mario Kart be in this?

Josh said...

Agreed. I almost wish I had a PSP to form a valid opinion on it ... but I don't.

Unknown said...

The list is bogus. I have been working through Tomb Raider on the PSP and there is no way a game with this little polish should be in anyone's top 10 list (unless it's a top 10 list of games without polish).

Without Liberty City Stories and Hot Shots Golf, I can't take this list seriously at all.

Josh said...

Damn, you're right ... how could it miss LCS? It's easily a tentpole product for the PSP right now.

What could they possibly be basing it on ... not sales, because then LCS would easily be in there. Crack? I bet it's crack.