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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oblivion Recalled?

This is total mumblevine crop, but:

This is the case at least according to Circuit City...

Here's the story, at about 6 pm tonite I get an official video game recall notice from corprate telling us to pull and send back all the copies of Oblivion (PC & 360) we have in the store ASAP.

The memo mentions nothing about why the recall is being issued or if the manufactuer is even the ones behind it (which I doubt). Still it's very freakin' weird and the only thing I can remotely think of why they would do this is because of the corrupted game saves some people have recently complained about, but that problem doesn't even seem wide spread, let alone come close to envoking a product recall.

Maybe this was some big news story I missed or something, but a recall of a game this big and one I won makes me nervous so does anyone have any info on why'd they would want to recall the game??
-- Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Recalled ?!?! (via Breaking Windows)

Wha? I find the rumor a bit hard to chew on because like the author I've got no idea why the game would get pulled. It's extremely popular, so no chain would do this unless they had good reason.

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Jeff Freeman said...

A clue?

Josh said...


Brinstar said...

That's dumb. Might as well change the ratings for every other game that can be modded to expose nude character models.