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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Chasing Invisible Goblins

This sounds pretty neat:

In this game, goblins are invisible and moving in the cubic game space and only their shadows can be seen on the floor. Their footsteps can be heard from speakers. Players have to estimate their position from the shadows and sounds, catch them. When players succeed in capturing goblins, a player may experience a sense of invisible goblins' existence by vacuuming resistance and increase in weight of vacuum tank on his back.
-- INVISIBLE -The Shadow Chaser-" : players capture invisible monsters in a V.R World (digg it)

Things like this make me wonder if there isn't a whole new generation of arcades waiting for us. Instead of rows of coin eating standups that we would never want in our homes, they'd be more like amusement park style exhibits that you rent for a time. There are plenty of toys involving VR, Augmented Reality and the like which simply aren't suitable for the home ... but damn entertaining fo a while.

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