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Friday, May 05, 2006

Hello Kitty MMO

Other than hundreds of choices for you to build your dream house and lovely player characters, Hello Kitty World players will also be able to raise pets and teach them special tricks and skills. Players will be able to cooperate and interact with other players to overcome a joint quest or challenge other friends to a friendly duel.
You will be able to make new friends through special in-game telepathy as well as interact with other gamers through a variety of community channels and forums. Share the exciting world of Hello Kitty World and spread the message of love with both your old friends and the new ones you have just met in the Hello Kitty World.
-- Hello Kitty Online World (via Jason's Weblog)

Bound to happen. I mean, they have Hello Kitty adult toys ... so the only question is what took so long.

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1 comment:

Thomas said...

I will never see my girlfriend again. Thanks, gaming.