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Monday, May 01, 2006

My Dad On The Wii

My father is a closet gamer. It's not even a closed closet, really, because it's pretty obvious when you play TimeSplitters 2 until 5AM that hey, you're a gamer. It's not even that he really denies it as much as I don't think he really readily identifies himself as such.

So when we were talking about the potential lifespan of his GameCube, I mentioned Nintendo was going to be releasing a new one:

"It's called the Wii"
"The what?"
"Is it any good?"

And that was about that. I told him about the controller and he got that old man "what will they think of next" look on his face. In his heart of hearts, I think he's always found Nintendo's naming a bit silly ... including Nintendo ... so it's not like a big shock to him.

On a side note, we were down at the homestead all weekend, and my inbox is crammed. I've read most of it, but haven't had any time to respond or barely even process it much.

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