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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Drive Your Racing Sim With Your Car

Nissan has a concept car aimed directly at the gamer crowd. Not only does it sport a 360 in the trunk, you can play that 360 with the steering wheel of the car:

If you drive videogame Porsches and Ferraris all day, your expectations of real-life street racers tend to be top-score high. The Urge, a new concept car from Nissan, is designed to make gamers drool. The roadster evokes the souped-up rigs of racing sims with aggressive bodywork and an earsplitting engine. When the car's parked, the driver can use the steering wheel to navigate races running on an Xbox 360 in the trunk - making the Urge only, like, the most expensive controller ever.
-- This Is Not a Sim

At least someone out there is realizing there are mature gamers with disposable incomes out there. Now if they'd just make something less insane, we'd be golden.

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