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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lost: Sex, The Twist, And A Phone Number

Jeez, where to begin?

This last episode seemed like it was going to be mildly interesting at first. There's a lot of the usual fate intertwining (Jack's dad calling Ana "Sarah", for instance ... Jack's wife ... not to mention her dropping him off to eventually meet Sawyer), some mildly tasty tidbits (does Jack have a sister?) and a lot of dramatas about dealing with the past. Fake Henry Gale mentioned Goodwin by (fake) name ... which seems to indicate that they are indeed working together (and lessening the chances of two groups of Others) and Sawyer and Ana had a little loving in the jungle.

But who cares? Michael shot two people. And then freed Henry Gale and shot himself to cover up the escape. Mikey has been acting weird since he got back from the other side of the island ... but this is most strange. Is he working with the Others voluntarily to get Walt back? Is he somehow brainwashed? I'm thinking he was lying about the Others Camp, because Kate didn't seem to be buying it (having seen the fake beard and such).

There's a lot of speculation about the fatality of Michael's shots. We don't actually see Ana's wound. Libby was holding some blanket for protection. OK, it's pretty wild speculation ... but both are valid points. It would work well for the next episode for one of them to be holding onto life to ramp up the tension that Michael might be found out.

The Girl, who creepily called the shots well before they rang out, thinks Michael is brainwashed. I'm thinking "The Man" has a bit of a cult of personality going on. Michael has to know that if he's discovered, he's not coming back to the Lost Camp. I don't think the Others have any intention of freeing Walt, so I doubt this is part of a deal to get him back.

I'm guessing that whatever Michael has seen in the jungle has made him a believer of "The Man" ... and he's voluntarily working for them now. He's not trying to get Walt back anymore. He and Walt have new employers. Maybe Michael was one of the "Good" ones all along ... potential recruits for The Man's new world order. The "Good" bit still gets me. Kids are good. Babies are great. Some people are good. Some aren't.

Right before Gale attacked Ana the first time ... he said something that made me think he could read her mind. Sounds very sci fi ... sure ... but it explains how the Others are such good liars, how they could make quick lists of everyone they meet and maybe how they know bad from good.

Desmond clearly didn't have this ability. Maybe because he had been quarantined? Perhaps the hallucinations everyone keeps getting are manifestations of mental abilities that the Others have already mastered.

And Henry Gale could be The Man. I doubt it, but I wouldn't be too shocked if the writers went Keiser Soze on us.

We did, however, totally miss the fake Hanso commercial. I guess Lost is going more ARG with The Lost Experience and the commercial was part of the kick off. People have already started to track the clues down that particular rabbit hole.

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Brinstar said...

Man, I'm so behind on this show. Luckily I can catch up by watching it on the interweb.

Josh said...

The interweb will be full of spoilage though. I'd lock myself in a room, download a bunch of episodes.

Although, they've been doing reruns on and off pretty frequently as well.

Michael Birk said...

Did you notice that the episode was titled "Two For the Road"? And that the two characters (presumably) killed were played by the actors previously arrested for DUI?

I guess the moral of the story is "don't drink and drive."

Josh said...

Yeah ... as soon as I saw Libby enter, I was thinking "uh oh, the producers don't like stars out boozing in honolulu".

I think both actresses have been released for next season, so I'm guessing neither character will be long for this world.

Poor Hurley.

Michael Birk said...

I wonder if they're going to simply abandon the Libby-was-in-the-psych-ward-with-Hurley thread? If so, too bad.

Josh said...

It would be, because it's an odd twist/clue on what has been happening pre-island. Maybe they'll bring her back for the occasional flashback or something.