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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Washington Post on SWG

The "New Game Experience", which once caused Yoda to shudder as if a thousand kittens were being harrassed at the same time, of Star Wars Galaxies has found the attention of the Washington Post:

Longtime Galaxies fan Jenny Steberl, who once played the game as a "creature handler," canceled her account when her profession was removed from the game; she says she won't buy any more "Star Wars" merchandise for herself or for her two sons and called Sony's recent moves a "greedy grab for cash."

Blakely acknowledged that such reaction by some of the game's veterans was not a surprise and said the switch was made for the long-term success of the game as a business. "It was a tough decision we had to make," he said. "We knew we were going to sacrifice some players . . . [but] as a 'Star Wars' license, we should do a lot better than we have been doing."
-- Sadness in 'Star Wars' World

I'm not going to really push any opinion on NGE one way or another, other than my previous "the demo didn't draw me away from Guild Wars". To be honest though, that's true for about 90% of demos, so it's not really earth shattering in any way.

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1 comment:

SWGRefugee said...

This article was an honest and accurate review of how the players of this game feel. It doesn't surprise me to know that those who conducted the tour got lost a "few" times. Perhaps if they played the game they developed they would know their way around the SWG universe.

How sad that Sony and Lucas Arts took a very unique and rewarding online game and turned it into one no one over the age of 12 wants to play anymore.