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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Community and Minions of Mirth

Game Tunnel's M.Indie, back from his world tour with Prince, takes a look at Prairie Game's Minions of Mirth and determines that in this case, it's the players that make the game:

The end result of all this is that the community draws people into the game. It’s one thing to log into Everquest and see thousands of people, none of whom are the least bit interested in talking to you. It is another thing altogether to log into the Prairie Server and see a dozen friendly faces who will literally fight over who gets to answer your questions on how to start.
-- M.Indie Goes Communa

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Corvus said...

I tired to run the demo for this and it bombed on me. Haven't had time to troubleshoot yet. Hopefully this weekend.

Josh said...

I tried it shortly after the release and it's definately one of those "impressive for an indie title" type deals. I don't have the temporal bandwidth to deal with the kind of thing that M.Indie describes as the game's best deal, but I could definatley see where people could get into it.

The developers are very active over at the GarageGames site and are crazy passionate about this project, so people who do get involved in it's community will have good backup.