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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Starforce Against The Bloggery

David Utter over at WebProNews points out that it's not good PR to go after bloggers:

If you are a software maker producing a product that may be harmful to the hardware of innocent gamers, calling out the whistle-blowing blogger with a lawsuit threat may be generally regarded as a bad move.

When that blogger happens to be Cory Doctorow and his blog, Boing Boing, just happens to be the most heavily trafficked blog on the Internet, one should probably change "generally regarded as a bad move" to "what were you thinking, anyway?"
-- PR Tutorial: Try Not To Threaten Bloggers

The software maker in question? Starforce, makers of the great malware which protects publishers from having their games copied by breaking the user's computer. Which, to be honest, is pretty brilliant. It's hard to get more secure than that and it's a shame that they can't just make the monitor explode in the process.

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