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Friday, February 03, 2006

Different Games, Different Voices, the "older gamers paradise", has an editorial on the differences genre makes on online speech"

When gunning the community down in a first person shooter is normal that gamers offend the ‘gunned down’ using such words as “pwned”, “owned”, “no scoped your ass”, or “did you feel the prickle of my shotgun pickle?” The voice used in an FPS is often highly aggressive in nature and usually requires cursing and swearing both to offend and to complement. For what ever reason the FPS seems to bring out the kid in almost all of us. Usually this occurs in a game between friends, but more often then not you will also here this talk in a match of random gamers. It is suggested that you turn down your speakers when children are in the room.

Player 1 runs around a corner sees a very unskilled Player 2 and puts away his rail gun to pull out his “pea shooter” pistol and slowly caps Player 2 with five shots before they finally fall dead.

The response you never hear…

Player 1: Oh man, I totally got lucky on that one. I walked around the corner and caught you off guard. Best of luck man.

The average response…

Player 1: BOOM! Man if you had half the mad skills I have then I’d have used a bigger weapon. Pwned like a n00bzors bitch.
-- Choosing your “voice” for gaming online

It's funny because it's true. A neat article that points out how what you play effects how you interact with others online.

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