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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gibbity: For Games

Gibbity is a web site which allows gamers to tag and rate games. Essentially that means if you're looking for a good strategy game, you can pop in there and find games that other people have deemed as both good and strategy. Following in the success of sites like and flickr, this seems like a pretty solid idea. There's not a ton of content there just yet, but to be fair the service is still in beta ... so go give it a test drive.

From their site:

Here are a list of things that Gibbity is NOT (with respect to 37Signals):
Gibbity is NOT Wikipedia. We don't aim to become the foremost people-powered authority on information about games. (Gibbity DOES aim to become the foremost authority on game popularity though, which is the key difference.)

Gibbity is NOT Amazon. We're not peddling the games listed on the site. (We will however, finance the site by running contextual ads. Please don't be offended by this; Gibbity was created by a third-worlder, and money is ALWAYS tight.)

Gibbity is NOT Gamespot/Firingsquad. We're not content creators or game reviewers, nor do we claim to know anything about games other than we like playing them.

Gibbity is NOT Kotaku/Joystiq. The only way we know how to recommend a game is by showing you a picture and telling you it has 1 gajillion registered fans. We're pretty subtle that way.

Gibbity is NOT Friendster/Orkut/etc. Although we encourage interaction between like-minded game fans, we're not looking to set people up, nor do we condone relationships with anything other than the latest console or platform.
-- About Gibbity

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luis said...

josh, thanks very much for the plug, and for trying out the service. as you can probably imagine, it's been quite challenging getting people to join up, so we really appreciate the mention :)

Josh said...

No problem! I'll probably toss a link in the "no particular order" list as well.