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Friday, February 03, 2006

Blizzard GM: No Same Sex Marriages in Azeroth

Brinstar's posted up an ingame chat between a player and a GM where it's confirmed that two female characters could get reported for trying to marry. That pretty much blows the whole "it doesn't belong in the game" argument, since marriage is an accepted part of the ingame content. It also determines that it doesn't necessarily matter if the players are gay or not, because the sight of two female elves in love could offend the eyes of some poor troglodyte.

The GM tries a pitiful defense of "you have to worry about the other players". Yeah, the players yelling "Someone come kill this fag NE Rogue that's camping my ass" really deserve protection. Please, good players of WoW, someone start reporting those twerps.

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Finster said...

Yes, we all know how knowledgable and consistent in-game GM's are.

*insert eye-roll here*

Josh said...

It's completely consistent with Blizzard's stated policy, so I don't know why you're doubtful.

I also just read on a forum that the Male Tauren voices include audio for things like "Free Rides For the Ladies!" and "Homogenized? No thanks, I like the ladies."

So much for that not playing favorites concept.

Brinstar said...

Someone tried to debate the "GMs know jack shit about policy" point with me as well... However, this GM is consistent with what how the other GM acted in the case of in-game recruiting for gay-friendly guilds. And all of that is consistent with their policy as released to the press a couple days ago.

Josh said...

Yeah, if we hadn't had an official word from Blizzard which essentially supports this position to the letter ... I'd be willing to accept the idea that it's some rogue GM.

As it is, I think some people just have to realize that this is a much bigger issue than just advertising for a guild.

jo said...

A number of GMs for many game companies are contracted from India and have some issues with understanding homosexuality issues and policies. The GM may have felt an in game wedding between two females to be part of the policy - when it may not be - I would be PMing a community Manager over at WoW and getting a clarification before I can'd my account - If I played WoW that is.