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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

MGM Never Learns With Stargate

Yeah, I'm clearly being a little pessismistic here .. but c'mon.

First, MGM licenses Stargate to Perception, an Australian company with a little experience in developing coin-op racing titles, to develop a first person shooter for PC and consoles. A fairly daunting task for any game studio and even more daunting for one trying to make such a drastic transition.

As we know now, that failed miserably. It was delayed, the project turned into a legal nightmare between Perception and JoWood and eventually Perception was forced to announce that they were going out of business.

So what does MGM do next? Announces the license is being used by Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment to build a MMORPG. Never heard of Cheyenne before? That's because they didn't exist before. From the name, I'm assuming they formed just to sign this license.

You have to be kidding. You go from one unknown developer to try and build a title for an increasingly difficult and saturated game genre ... to an even more unknown developer to build a title for an even more difficult and saturated game genre. Was there a meeting for this? Some kind of discussion? Nobody mentioned that perhaps, mayhap, just possibly ... this is a really stupid frakkin' idea?

No? Huh. That's a shame, because I'd love to see a good Stargate game. I just don't have high hopes of that happening anytime soon.

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Corvus said...

Perhaps this is the baby that Romero will be using to buy his next sports car.

Josh said...

I would love it if that were true.

I had a brief moment of optimism when I read that Joe YBarra is on their staff, since he produced a lot of early EA greats.

Then I read he produced The Matrix Online. Yeowtch.