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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Will BatJack Be Removed?

Right now, all signs probably lead to yes. While this has been widely reported, Joystiq does a fine job of summing things up. The best part, I think is:

Judge James Moore is reviewing the requested revocation of Thompson’s license to practice law in Alabama, taken the stacks of press releases Blank Rome submitted as evidence into consideration. Thompson defended himself by reminded Moore he had told Thompson “after the criminal trial to ‘have at it,’” to which Moore reportedly replied “your ‘have at it’ and my ‘have at it’ are not the same.”

Oh, snap. Just more evidence that Thompson's only real talent is soundbites. Course, if he gets disbarred somewhere, it will be easier to convince the mainstream media that he's not a reliable "expert" of any field.

My guess is that he will be removed from the trial. Moore has shown a lack of patience when it comes to Thompson's antics. By all accounts, BatJack came close to being in contempt during the last Devin Moore trial with his continued public comments. Since he's clearly not showing any remorse or indication of slowing down with the civil trial, I'd be almost surprised if he was allowed to stay with the case.

Course, shortly thereafter the case will probably be thrown out for the groundless waste of time it is anyway. The prosecution has very little evidence and the defense has little things like the First Amendment.

Personally, I'd love to see Jack get sued himself. Had someone spent more time and money developing his "game concept", I'd think they could get fraud charges on him. $10,000 isn't a prize purse you can just joke about. His comments about Sony bringing about the next "Pearl Harbor" I think borders on racial intolerance (try telling your co-worker of German descent that he's about to go all Holocaust and see how long it takes to get served). And of course while I think gamers sending the man death threats is stupid, I think continually inciting and insulting them makes it pretty unsurprising.

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