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Monday, November 07, 2005

NaNo, Week 1

So it's now the Monday after NaNo began. I'm still in no shape to worry about word count, which isn't exactly a good sign to "winning" the contest.

Yet, I realized this morning that there is an advantage to interactive lit. Expansion doesn't necessarily take place along a linear plot, since the player more or less controls the pace and direction of the narrative. Last year, word count was all about new scenes chained together ... and to add a new scene I needed some kind of cohesion to stick it to the rest of the story. Here, I can just add a new location. Expanding the fictional world, as it were, expands the word count (and the size of the "novel").

Course, I still spent like two hours on Saturday working around one stupid bug. The framework has gotten a little more complicated in that some functions are called twice for specific reasons ... so if I don't keep track of timing I can easily confuse myself.

Not that confusing myself ever took much effort...

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