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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Steve Meretzky Catch-Up

I completely missed the fact that over Halloween, Gamasutra posted one of their "catch-up" features on Steve Meretzky, known to many as the man partially responsible for tormenting them with the insidious puzzles of the Hitchiker's Guide text adventure. What's the man up to now?

In July of this year Meretzky left WorldWinner to join Floodgate Entertainment, though he's still involved with WorldWinner as a Games Advisor. "I thought it would be a fun next step for me," he said. "Floodgate’s mission is to become the 'Pixar of mobile gaming,' doing the most high-end and high-quality games in the space, with a particular focus on multiplayer gaming." Meretzky is currently working on a project code-named Swashbuckler.
-- Playing Catch-Up: Infocom's Steve Meretzky

I'm starting to research a bunch of indie text adventures now, so seeing his name still around was something of a treat.

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