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Friday, November 11, 2005

Next, Rein will just misquote himself

Mark Rein gets in the news a lot. Probably too much for his own liking. Once he was quoted as saying something would be out in two weeks and he still hasn't heard the last of that one. Recently he was quoted as knocking the Revolution and now he's setting that record straight as well. (thanks games.slashdot)

Being an ex-Epic fanboy, I learned to take Rein's statements and their subsequent quotings with a relative grain of salt. Honestly, I said the similar things about the DS. In fact, I still say the DS is gimmicky. However, those gimmicks work for a lot of people and they're leading to a more innovative platform than what Sony has been able to library up for the PSP.

Course, it would be great to see Unreal Engine 3 run on the Revolution. Nintendo's biggest problem is a wide third party base. Considering UE3 is being used by about three thousand and two different people these days, it would help a lot.

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