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Thursday, November 10, 2005

More Coloussus Viral Work?

Thanks to Aeropause, I see that there is more "evidence" that giants once walked this earth, now a Siberian find over at, complete with a video complete of an extremely familiar looking find they dub "Taurus Major".

I'm still not completely convinced that the Giantology blog is part of it or is just a bystander, since the guy agrees the tsunami find is probably faked. You don't see many participants in a viral campaign admitting to a hoax.

Update: OK, the other major thing the blog links to is an underwater find which is also a bit suspicious. It does seem odd that the three major things the guy is following all seem to be potential Shadow of the Colossus trails. Very subtle marketing if it's all connected together, that's for sure. Blog even has archives back to Feb.

1 comment:

Aeropause said...

It's quite extravagant isn't it. I haven't seen anything like it in advertising. Ad campaigns are slowly seeping their way into gamers lives, including in our games now. :-Þ