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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Faith Based Education

The Kansas Board of Education is so contradictory in definition that it might as well officially be an oxymoron. Welcome to the fine annals of English like "military intelligence" or "government organization" ... in other words a damn joke. Any body which seeks to help students by "redefining science" as to include the supernatural is hands down one of the dumbest bodies on the planet. Maybe Kansas should send some of the board members to school for some learning?

Seriously, I got nothing against religion. But keep it in the churches, people. Do I come to your sermon questioning the validity of God? No.

And trust me, you want to keep it that way.


Jeffool said...

I've often chalked up my frequent debates on 'church in school' to living in south Georgia, though eventually it became apparent to me this wasn't just a local thing.

People who seek to place religion in government often do it because they have no faith in government, and feel that they're doing it a favor. Next time you're talking to someone who favors this, or prayer in school, or any similar topic, reframe the argument. Ask them about their faith in God versus their faith in government. They usually think that the government completely ruins everything it touches, so just remind them that they're opening their religion up to the control of the government. That if religion is in the government, government is in religion. Scare them with the idea that 'wackos in California will be changing the message of their God.'

They usually see the plusses of secular government rather quickly in that context.

Josh said...

Well, get this one:

I haven't decided if that will make it's way into a full post or not, but damn. Some people try to claim ID is alegitimate scientific debate.

Yeah right, that's why Pat Robertson is threatening an entire state for kicking it out.

Ooooooh. God will get you for that! Spoooooky! Sppoooooooooky!!!!

Gimme a break. I know plenty of faithful and devout people who aren't morons. Those who aren't morons need to start beating the ones that are. With a big stick.

Jeffool said...

The problem is that the ones who aren't morons are the ones that generally don't believe in beating people with sticks, much less big sticks. :D

Yeah I know of ole Patty there, but even I don't know anyone crazy enough to support him any more.

Most folks (that I know and are religious,) were cautious of him (and Falwell,) after September 11th. And lost even more respect for Robertson after the Hugo Chavez thing.

Though ID as an actual scientific theory amazes me. These are people who think that at some point in science it's prudent to throw your hands up and say "It's God's doing, and we really shouldn't bother with it any more." After how many failed experiments does that become an option? *sigh* People.

Clamatius said...

ID is quite simply the latest version of the God of the Gaps - after all, lightning happens because the thunder god is riding across the sky, right?

In this case, it's not even really a gap. Go ahead and say that God created everything as is and put the fossils there to mess with your head. Not super useful for making any predictions or recommendations about anything other than "you should go to church".


I happened to sit next to a Texas school teacher on a plane trip to the East Coast recently and sure enough, she was a creationist to the point of carrying a handy pamphlet about it in her handbag. Amazing stuff - and she admitted she was teaching it to kids. I was particularly impressed with her use of the Second Law of Thermodynamics to refute evolutionary theory (trust me, you don't want to know).

I knew that Physics degree would come in handy one day...