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Thursday, November 10, 2005

FilePlanet = FunSucker

Jesus, I got frustrated with a locational bug with my AJAX text game engine so I decided to try the WoW trial at FilePlanet.

First it grilled me for my age (after insisting I have a free registration login). Then I find out that for non-subscribers, they shave off 4 days.

Then it told me that I couldn't use FireFox, no ... sorry ... FilePlanet is ActiveX only. For the curious, the far superior Fileshack doesn't have any of these inane problems, so you won't wait for your stupid ActiveX download before you have to wait in line.

BUT WAIT! It gets better. Like all things stable and Microsoft ... the ActiveX downloader FAILED TO LOAD. Why? Hell if I know. I'm waiting for the stupid thing to try again now.

In other words, I've spent fifteen minutes with FilePlanet and I'm not even in line to download squat yet.

FP? More like FU.

Update: Well, that was fun. I even tried taking out my firewall and virus protection to let, you know, FilePlanet rape my Windows box if that's what it needed. That wasn't enough for it. So screw that. I just sent the following off to Blizzard:

I just wanted to try out World of Warcraft with the free trial at FilePlanet.

Sadly, their completely unnecessary ActiveX download program refused to install, so no such luck.

Too bad, looks like a neat game. Wish you'd use someone, you know, reliable and less stupid, to distribute trials with.

Thanks for trying though

Hey Blizzard - FilePlanet just lost you a potential customer. Great choice.


Finster said...

If enough people complain about idiotic crap like this, Blizzard and other companies will stop pulling this crap.

I hate Gamespy/IGN. Their sites are what pushed me into the gaming blogosphere in the first place. I get all the same great gaming news and commentary without signing away my firstborn through their ActiveX control EULA's.

I have strong feelings on this.

Unknown said...

Fileplanet is a typical 'cat' in the Animal Farm scenario.... IoW "Complete Crap".

I have a 100Mb line into a download server for an extension test on a product that I already own.

Speed... rubbish.

Ah well.