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Saturday, October 15, 2005

When BatJack Attacks

Gamepolitics has up two responses from Jack Thompson to David Walsh. I'm sure you'll be surprised to find out that somewhere along the way, he says something totally insane. I mean, I won't even get into how he considers the yet unreleased Bully to be a Columbine simulator. Earth to Jack - you guys lost that case ... let it go.

This one, is just funny.

Liberals, like you, love to label things and then think that the labeling has accomplished something. If that had been the case, then Churchill's calling Hitler a Nazi would have ended the war. But no, people like me had to get into the trenches and stop the Nazis. And there were always those tut-tutting back home about what a nasty business it is to stop the bad people, and can't we all just "get along."

Churchill did once make the inference that Hitler was worse than Satan, but calling Hitler a Nazi? Well, gee, that's just not terribly ... anything ...

"Hey Hitler."
"You're A NAZI!"
"Well .... duh"

And what oh what does Jack have with Nazis anyway? It must be something frightful in that man's mind to convince him the world is just one more video game away from the next Holocaust.

And who uses words like tut-tutting these days?

But, that's not as much crazy as:

Dave, it is laughable, it is absurd, that you have copied your email to Bill Gates, of all people. This is a guy whose Halo trained Malvo to kill in D.C. This is a guy who now has put all the Grand Theft Auto games on his XBox. This is a man who is going to release Bully when the coast is clear in the spring.

That's right ... Bill Gates is personally responsible for training Malvo to kill using Halo. Now, what was it that Dr. Walsh found so objectionable about Thompson? Oh yes, "Your commentary has included extreme hyperbole".

As they say in the courtroom .... case closed. Dr. Walsh, props to you for raising the level of this debate by helping cast aside some of the dead, insane, weight. Let's hope some of the media outlets follow suit.

Read the full text of BatJack's attack at

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