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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lost Question Of The Week*

Mild Lost spoilers ahead. I'd white it out, but the feeds will still show it. So ... just avert your gaze.

Last warning.

OK. So, here's the question. If you were trapped on a island where you had to push a button every 108 minutes under the vague threat of world destruction, how long would you last? How long would it be until the curiosity of what would actually happened should you fail to press a button outweigh the fear of potential apocalypse?

The follow-up question to that is ... if you could take your significant other with you, how much longer would you last? This is based on The Girl's indignation when I said I'd probably destroy the world within a year, even if she was there ... just based on the sheer need to know whether or not the vague threat was even real.

Also, how does one tattoo a shark?

Anyway, loving this season :)

*will not actually be weekly.


Brinstar said...

Oh geez... Having to press a button every 108 minutes would take a toll on my sanity and on my body. How could anyone get a decent night's sleep? I'd probably continue pressing that button until I went insane.

If not pushing the button caused everyone in the world to die, including my significant other, it would weigh too heavily on my conscience. I don't think I would fail to press the button if she was around. Maybe discussing the situation with her might change my mind, though.

Oh and on another point, didn't Hurley say that there was enough food in that room to last one man three more months? What would have happened when that Scottish (unless I am totally forgetting my accents) guy's food ran out?

Josh said...

I think they glossed the sleep thing over, but that's probably just because it was one of my favorite subjects in college.

Short version - the human brain doesn't reach REM for a couple of hours. Having to be awake every 108 minutes would require small naps that would rest the body, but the guy would probably go slightly insane without REM.

The Girl and I figured that eventually debating whether there really was a threat would eventually get the better of us. Only one way to solve that debate...

The three month question is a good mystery. Was the place still getting stocked? Wouldn't a mechanism so important have multiple redudancies in case the partner died or resupplies stopped?

Brinstar said...

The mystery of the island continues!

Sadly, I cannot ask my girlfriend about this, as she has not even seen Lost season 1.

Oh, and another thing. That girl in Lost who was in the first Resident Evil movie is such a bitch! OMG, I hope Sawyer kicks her ass!

Josh said...

Not to shamelessly plug Apple, but I guess you can download the whole season 1 off of iTunes now. Not the best quality, but it's cheaper than the DVD and easier than a torrent. You could try to sneak it on her computer :)

You know, when I saw Rodriguez at the bar towards the end of the first season, I was like ... oh, she's coming back. They didn't just cameo her for nothing.

But I also impressed by the secondary actors last night. Hurley's friend was in that teen comedy and I swear the girl he asked out was Marguitte Moreau from Firestart and Runaway Jury.

Deacon said...

I so wanted the button to not get pushed. I'm suprised Locke is keeping it going, as I assumed his sheer curiosity would've gotten the better of him. I also wanted to know if there was ever a time when the button wasn't pressed -- it wouldn't have to destroy the world, maybe just do something very bad, then reset. Guess I wouldn't have pressed the button at all.

Here's how you tattoo a shark: Very carefully.

Oh, and Hurley's friend was DJ Qualls, from The New Guy.

Josh said...

I think the first time, I would have pressed it. So much drama it would have been to hard to think rationally about it.

But it should be noted that the apocalypse theory isn't in the orientation video. It just mentions "an incident". Eventually I would have followed Jack's thinking and would have to doubt the veracity of it all.

As for Locke ... the big question I've got is ... what did he (and I guess Kate) see in the jungle to make them such believers?