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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


According to BoomTown, City of Heroes is undergoing a nerfing of epic proportions. Essentially every single player is effected, and in someway degraded, by the update and they're pissed as hell. I guess I'm glad I cancelled quite some time ago, when the level grind just going boring and my online chums were like, four zones ahead of me ... because this sort of drama sounds painful.

It's also another reason I still give props to Guild Wars. Yeah, sure, I know it's rude to throw one MMO down when another is being kicked, but it's seriously the reason I bought the game. First, ArenaNet seems to have done enough testing that their patches involve only minor gameplay tweaks. Second, if they suddenly decided that say ... monk carrying swords only do half damage ... I could just put the game away. I haven't spent any more money on than a normal title and I don't have to call anyone to stop harrassing my credit card.

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