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Monday, October 10, 2005

$99 Revolution?

Forget filed, this should be locked in the rumor drawer for later contemplation. The big mumblevine story now is that Nintendo might release the Revolution for $99. Try as I might though, there's very little to support that it might be true other than oft-whispered "insider sources" which usually end up telling us stuff about holograms and flying cars.

I just don't buy it. The Micro released at $99. Do we really think the big N has a console sized sibling for the same cost of hardware? The main fuel for this fire is that they've said repeatedly that they will underprice Microsoft and Sony. But c'mon, with 360 bundles going for $600-$700, it's not like they have go double digit any time soon in order to accomplish that task.

1 comment:

Finster said...

Dude, don't knock "insider sources". Also, this just in... according to "insider sources" the Revolution will run on GameBoy Color hardware.