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Thursday, October 13, 2005 on BatJack

It almost seems like the title should say it all... has a great write-up on BatJack's latest bout of attention whoring. Not really much more has to be said about a guy willing to pay out $10,000 so that someone will make a game for him to divulge his apparently wildly violent fantasies, but this addition at the end is enlightening:

"The Bible doesn't promote killing innocent people," Thompson said. "Grand Theft Auto does. Islam does." (...) "Islam promotes the killing of innocent people," Thompson said. "The Quran requires the infidel, whether Jew or Christian, to be killed. That's a core essence of the religion. Muhammad was a pirate who killed infidels and who advocated the killing of infidels. Not a nice guy. Osama bin Laden is in keeping with his fine tradition."

Well, there's your answer, folks - ol' Jack's not only a liar, stalker, immature punk, and litigious jerk, he's also a bigot. Congrats, Jackie boy, you've earned this man's contempt.

I have my own proposal for Thompson, since he's so keen on proposing things: I have about $20 stashed away somewhere around here. I will give him every cent if he just shuts his filthy mouth and stops lying, cheating, and bullying his way through the world.
-- Jack Thompson's Indecent Proposal

There you go, people. Jack has compared Doug Lowenstein to a Nazi who is worse than Saddam Hussein. He now compares Grand Theft Auto to Islamic radicalism, except to Jack ... all people of Islam are radicals. Hey Hilary, how do you think that's going to play for your next political bid? "Hilary Clinton features panel with complete religous zealot". That should play well on Broadway.


Finster said...

So, does this mean I can invoke Godwin's Law and Jack Thompson now has to shutup?

Josh said...

Only if Thompson understood things like laws and then internet :)