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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lost goes a little ARG on us

For fans of the show (well, if you're big fans, you've probably already seen this):

Not much information, hence not much in the way spoilers. The second one feels like a rabbit hole, but I'm not sure if there's really an invitation to try and gain entrance or it's just a tease.


Josh said...

From some poking on fan sites, it seems completely possible that some of the sites getting passed around as being a potential ARG might actually be fake sites and not necessarily related to the show :(

Josh said...

Yup. Any of the "dharmainitiative" variants are probably fake. The domains were registered about when these episodes aired and at least one is using Go Daddy to register ... I think Disney has deeper pockets.

Plus, some sites have stumbled on a URL off of the hanso foundation which looks like it's in the same boat.

oceanic-air, though, is definately a producer run site and does have some ARGish qualities to it. Try entering "THE" as start city and "BOY" as the end.