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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Thompson Will Pay For Violence


In what must be a contender for biggest act of hypocrisy award, Jack Thompson is offering $10,000 in charitable donations for someone to make an insanely violent video game:

O.K. then works his way, methodically back to LA by car, but on his way makes a stop at the Philadelphia law firm of Blank, Stare and goes floor by floor to wipe out the lawyers who protect Take This in its wrongful death law suits. "So sue me" O.K. spits, with singer Jackson Brown's 1980's hit Lawyers in Love blaring.
-- Attorney Proposes Violent Game (thanks Kotaku)

How big of an attention whore do you need to be in order to offer up a bribe just to get someone to make another opponent? It's been awhile since Hot Coffee, and rumor has it that if BatJack Thompson doesn't do another television interview soon, he'll be forced to slumber in the dirt of his homeland until Bully is released.

Screw violence and children, I think we should study what makes a person that fanatic. Seriously people, imagine the things you would spend $10,000 on. Does any of them include the things you hate? Could we pool enough dollars together and perhaps bribe Jack to just shut the hell up?

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